Be Fabulous

  • Be Creative Just Because It's FUN!

    We live in a result-orieniented world. We naturally want to get from point A to point B and much of our every day life reflects that. Though there is nothing wrong in taking action we often neglect the part of ourselves that want to play. Creativity has taken quite the hit lately, especially with the internet at everyone’s fingertips and Youtube and Instagram stars becoming the norm. All too often our creativity is seen as a means to money, a means to success and though this is certainly possible and there is absolutely nothing wrong with making money as a result of creativity, I urge you to take some time to be creative with no end goal. Just be creative for creativity's sake and then if something comes of it great but don’t be so attached to the end result. I saw this with my hairdresser. He’s a very successful guy. He has some of the biggest names in LA come through his doors and could just stop there but one day while getting my haircut he told me about a magazine he created. When I asked him what inspired him to do so, he responded “you often forget why you got into this profession in the first place so every so often I like to remind myself and just make something for fun” I just thought that was the coolest thing. And what we don’t realize is that by being creative just for fun we are then opening our creative channels for our actual work as well. What you’re being creative at for fun doesn’t have to even be some thing you’re necessarily good at. Is there something you always wanted to learn or were just interested about? Check it out. Take a dance class, write a screenplay, paint a picture. It can be big, small or somewhere in between but savor the wonder of creativity. Lose yourself in it. Rejoice in it. And if the big bucks come from some random thing, great but don’t let that be your only criteria.

  • Project January

    There's so much to be grateful for in the new year but sometimes I think it's important to approach things in a way that cultivates gratitude through our actions. We're coming out of the holiday season where everyone was a little nicer, activities and parties were plentiful (as were the cookies and champagne) and it's easy to feel like January is just one huge balloon deflating. We usually spend our January's on fad diets, trying to keep resolutions and getting back into the grind. Last year I decided this was kind of unfair to January and that I was going to make an effort to make January a lot more fun (though a bit healthier than December) so I can end the month a bit more grateful. Here are a list of activities and ideas on my docket for this January. See if there are some fun ones for you to implement or come up with some of your own. I'd love to hear about them! Tweet me @thefancyhippie to tell me about them, Cheers to you January!

    Project January List:

    • Karaoke
    • Go Carting
    • Ballroom dance class
    • Laguna beach
    • Harry Potter movie binge
    • Disneyland
    • A healthy dinner party
    • Coloring more
    • Boxing class
    • Swimming
    • a real hike
    • Watsu
    • Mini golf
    • Dog beach
    • Golden Globes party
    • Volunteering
    • DIY party
    • Vision board making
    • Dinner or coffee with new friends or those you haven't seen in a while (and want to:))

    What other activities sound fun to you?

  • 3 Tips For Living In The Present Moment

    We all want to be more present in our lives. Technology and the hustle and bustle of every day life has a way of keeping us living in the past or focused on the future which is a shame because all the magic lives in the present. Seeing as we all could use a little more magic in our lives, here are 3 tools to get you to the present moment faster. Try using some (or all) of them this week and see what happens! 

    Gratitude. Look around you right now. What are you grateful for? Using our gratitude muscles is a great way to get into the present moment. Just don’t think it though. Really feel your gratitude. That feeling is a one way ticket to the present moment.

    Sensory. Feel the breeze on your skin. Really look at everything around you. Take the time to actually taste your food instead of scarfing it down. When we awaken our senses we can feel our way into the present moment.

    Joy. When you’re enjoying yourself you’re automatically transported into the present moment. Just think of those times you’re with friends and you’re all laughing so hard your stomachs hurt. How present are you then? Very. Seek out things that bring you joy. Do more of them. Having your joy tank full is one of the best things you can do for your life. Your happiness only begets more happiness. You don’t take from others when you’re joyful, you give. Allow your joy quota to increase this week. Keep your tank full.

    What things do you do to keep yourself in the present moment?