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  • Ways To Kick Stress You've Probably Never Tried Before

    Stress is something we all know a little too well. It can set itself off even with the smallest of instigators sometimes sending us into needless tailspins in which once we come out the other side, we wonder what we were so worried about in the first place. Since a life without stress, though thoroughly desirable, isn’t quite an option, learning how to manage it when it comes up can be quite helpful. That’s why I want to share with you today 3 things that have really helped me when stress creeps in without me knowing it.

    1. Identify it. Your really freaking out and you don’t know why, you’re a little extra snappy or perhaps you can’t stop looking in your fridge (there must be more food in there somewhere!). Identify that you’re stressed. Just saying it and giving it a little acknowledgement will help take the edge off. Feelings want to know that they’ve been heard so though you don’t have to engage with irrational feeling you do want to acknowledge it’s presence so you can go ahead and move on. Notice it as you would a small puppy doing something totally goofy and irrational. You can even laugh at it if you want. Be objective. Be the observer not the merger.
    2. Drop down to you heart. This one is good. This is the thing that whenever I do it I can always feel an immediate shift. If you’re stressed, you’re living from your head and sh*t can get a little bonkers up there as we all know. Your heart is one of the wisest places you can visit. There are even studies out there now proving that our hearts have brain cells in them. Pretty cool, right? A simple way to drop down to you heart and out of your brain is to just place a hand over it while taking a few deep breaths. Pretend you’re actually breathing with your heart. You don’t have to have actual proof just use your imagination. Feel into it. It can help to think of something relaxing or of something you love unconditionally (like your dog:)).
    3. Stay calm. Sounds easier said than done, I know but just try saying the word “calm” to yourself. Remind yourself that all the best and enlightened decisions come from calm. Keep saying it. Calm. Calm. Calm. Every time you say it try to drop deeper and deeper into your body. From this place take action slowly. Don’t rush into every mundane thing you do. Instead do every thing with intention. The more time in between thoughts the better. This further helps you drop down into your heart and your body and get out of your head.

    Give these a go next time stress tried to take a hold of your day. I pretty confident they’ll help to eliminate at least a little (if not all) of it.

    What do you do to manage stress? Have you ever tried any of the above?