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  • Choosing the Best Tea

    I LOOOVVEEE tea. I drink multiple cups a day and am very particular about what I'm drinking. If you ever spot me, chances are I'll have a stash of tea bags in my purse because I take them with me everywhere. How people will hand out mints, I'll hand out a tea bag if we're ever somewhere and a friend doesn't like the selection around them. I only carry winners. You're better than Lipton.

    Here are my top winners right now. Each brings something different to the table depending on what you're feeling but all will leave you relaxed and satisfied.

    1. Kusmi Rose Green Tea. Peaceful. Relaxing. Perfection. This green tea is delicately fragrant with rose and is nothing short of a spa in a cup. No part is overbearing (when your tea can get gritty) and each sip from first to last is like one long meditation. 

    2. Rishi Matcha Green. We hear all the time that green tea is one of the wonder teas. It's chock full of antioxidants and perhaps no greater source of them is in Matcha Green. This matcha is incredibly vibrant and enjoyable. I've been trying lately to have one of these a day. With benefits like increasing metabolism, source of EGCg (powerful antioxidant fights against free radicals), detoxing and mood enhancing you can see why.

    3. Choice Tea PeppermintI have been drinking Choice tea for years and it's by far one of my favorites out there. It's organic and high quality and you can find it in any Whole Foods you go to. Though I love many flavors the peppermint is one of my favorites (and certainly my favorite peppermint). If you ever have an upset stomach or feel a bit naseaous this is a great one to have. It also works as a nice tea after dinner since the peppermint cools down your stomach and makes food easier to digest.

    4. Rishi Blueberry Hibiscus. My husband got a tea bag of this at a restaurant a few months ago and we loved it so much we ordered 50 bags online! If you like fruity teas this is a winner but I like to use it when I'm really craving a snack but I know I should wait until dinner.:)

    What are some of your favorite teas to drink?