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  • How to make the Perfect Brussel Sprouts

    Growing up this vegetable was my nemesis. I couldn’t understand how anyone in their right mind would CHOOSE to eat this leafy ball of grossness. It probably didn't help that I was being fed frozen ones in butter sauce. I still remember my first bite of the brussel sprout that changed everything. It was Thanksgiving 8 years ago when a friend promised she could change my mind about this dreaded vegetable. I didn’t believe her for a second and told her she was in for quite the challenge but as soon as I took my first bite I immediately wanted to eat the entire serving plate. After that I no longer shied away from them on menus. In fact, any time I’ve seen them on a menu since I’ve ordered them. This has also led me to a very extreme preference in how I like them done. Extra crispy, a little salty and often with bacon:). While dining out recently I tried some simply prepared sprouts that go me to experimenting and I couldn’t believe the results. You can now make the perfect brussel sprouts in less than 15 minutes. And I promise, no butter sauce.

    What you need:

    -brussel sprouts sliced into quarters (in 1/2 if they’re small)

    -olive oil

    -sea salt



    -Maldon Salt


    Set your oven to Broil (convection broil if you have it). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Toss the sprouts with some olive oil, a bit of sea salt and pepper. Broil until browned and crispy. This is usually less than 10 min. Once out the over squeeze a bit of lemon on top and sprinkle with Maldon sea salt! Voila! They’ll be a huge hit!

    (to make it even better - Cut up some bacon into 1/2 inch pieces, saute until cooked in a pan and once these sprouts are done toss in the bacon fat and pieces;))