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  • Get Your Face Really Really Clean

    It's now not enough to just wash your face, you actually have to use devices to get it really clean (or so everyone says). After much consideration of a clarisonic brush and much research I decided to go with this new funky device called the Foreo. I've been using it for a few months now and I must say, it really does get your face clean. Far cleaner than what your fingertips can do. Their Luna device also has an anti-aging mode to place on wrinkle prone areas of your face where it sends low vibrational pulses. Not sure if this works but it feels effective as I'm doing it. The whole process takes only about a minute and once you get the hang of it becomes a fun part of your face cleansing routine. Think of it as a nightly massage for your face, The charge lasts a long time but it comes with a little case and power cord to take with you when traveling.