Look Fabulous

  • Gwyneth Paltrow for Juice Beauty

    I love it when I find a great non-toxic beauty product. Sadly, I generally have to kiss a few frogs in dull lip gloss before I find the winners. The one issue that always comes up with non-toxic makeup is that it isn’t very camera friendly. As someone who wants to be able to do a video at a moments notice, I’ve been searching for camera worthy makeup that I can wear day-to-day and still feel good about. Thankfully Gwyneth Paltrow was a bit fed-up with the non-toxic offerings as well and decided to collaborate with Juice Beauty to make a line that is “red carpet worthy”. The second I heard about it I opened my computer and immediately placed an order. I started simple with a mascara and lip gloss (a bright red named after Cameron Diaz!). Though I wanted to jump in and snag a foundation, I’ve had my heart broken too many times by the non-toxic variety I figured it was best to work up to it:)

    The verdict: Ahhmazing. The mascara lengthens and separates beautifully with no clumping. The lip gloss glides on perfectly and looks so fierce. Especially for a red, the fact that I could glide it on with minimal fixing is pretty wonderful. I have to say I’m a little obsessed.

    Will I order more: Absolutely! Now that I know what these 2 can do I’m going to jump in and try the foundation. Keep you guys posted.

    Is it worth the price: 100%. It’s very much in line with what the non-toxic brands are going for as well as the good quality makeup we’ve all been using for years. Seeing as you get both in one I’d say this is one of the rare times I understand the price point.

    Buy from Goop or Juice Beauty

  • Best Organic Good-For-You Foundation

    Finding the perfect foundation can be tough but finding a great all-natural foundation is damn near impossible. Most are too runny, too orangey or too sheer, leaving you running back to your Laura Mercier and Makeup Forever. So I'm extremely happy to report that I've finally found it! An organic good-for-you foundation with great coverage, no weird tones and not at all cakey. 

    To apply, use the W3ll People Narcissist Foundation Stick to draw a few lines from your nose out to the edge of your face and blend in with your finger tips. I like to do two coats. The first round is very sheer but the second is perfect coverage and you can do it very quickly. The one thing I noticed about this product is it will look one way when you first put it on and then about 10 min later when you happen to glance in a mirror you'll see the coverage looks even better and your skin looks flawless. My favorite party? It's also camera friendly so go ahead and take as many selfies as you want! #naturalbeauty xo

  • The Best Dry Shampoo

    Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver. If you're running out the door and don't quite have time to wash your hair-dry shampoo to the rescue! We've all now been told a million times by our hairdressers never to wash our hair every day and there it is -- dry shampoo to the rescue! 

    However, when you have pin straight hair that tends to get incredibly greasy if you don't wash it every day, you look at dry shampoo and laugh. Most have only kept my hair fresh for about half a day and then by dinner I'm running my hands through greasy locks. I've written about it before but one of the best I've found is dry bar's detox - this one can take me to 2-3 days on the condition that my hair has been blown dry day 1 to get rid of excess moisture and give it volume.
    I had tried products from Living Proof before and really loved them so when I heard about their Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo I had to give it a go! With PHD I can somehow get an extra day in when I don't blow dry (which I unheard of!). This stuff zaps grease, gives your hair a little life and some nice texture. It has a nice lemony sent and doesn't leave any of that white residue that products like klorane do. I'll still wash my hair probably more than I should but at least now my hair dresser can be a bit more proud of me some days:)
  • Homemade Energy Healing Body Scrub

    I can be super sensitive to the energy around me and recently I was having one of those weeks where no matter what I did it just seemed like this energy that wasn't quite mine was latching on. I remembered some advice a healer had once given me about using salt as an effective way to slough off energy that was less than desirable. The lightbulb went off in my head and I rushed home to make my own special "energy healing" beauty scrub. The added bonus here is that it's also an exfoliant so your body is left feeling impossibly smooth and cared for. I had so much fun making this and believe it or not, felt a million times better after using it!! Here's what I created but feel free to play around with some ingredients that feel nice to you. The main ingredient of importance here is the salt which gives you the energy heal plus exfoliation:

    • 1/4 cup Himalayan sea salt
    • 1/4 cup melted coconut oil
    • 1tsp raw honey
    • 1 tpsn tocotrienols (vitamin E powder)

    Once I mixed this all together I said a little prayer while having my hand over it asking for Divine Goddess energy to be infused into it. You can say any little blessing you like even just saying "I infuse this scrub with Divine Light & Love." Or you can skip over that and just go ahead and use it!


  • The French Beauty Solution

    In this book, Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie spa, helps change the way we view beauty. Beauty should be a source of pleasure not of pain, according to Mathilde. French woman begin their rituals of beauty at a young age using techniques passed down to them from the women in their families. They chose products that are pleasing to them not ones that smell like chemicals and promise a “quick fix”. Her biggest beauty secret? Grapes. There is a property in grapes called reservatrol that helps rebuild collagen and cells, keeping skin looking young and refreshed. It’s her special ingredient in all Caudalie products but even eating them or better yet, getting them through a nightly glass of red wine, Mathilde says, can help keep your skin looking great for the long haul. A truly pleasurable read, The French Beauty Solution will help you reframe the way you look at beauty and leave you with some wonderful tips that will be sure to last for generations to come.

    The French Beauty Solution: Time-Tested Secrets to Look and Feel Beautiful Inside and Out


  • Caudalie Fragrances

    "Find 'your' perfume before you turn thirty. Wear it for the next thirty years." - quote from How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are

    I’m not one for perfumes, never have been, but there’s just something about Paris that just makes you want to find "your" signature scent (or at least to me!). I’ve recently fallen in love with Caudalie’s moisturizers since they’re not only extremely effective but also are full of nourishing ingredients and free of all the harmful ones like parabens and sodium laureth sulfate. So when I stumbled upon this Rose De Vigne fragrance by Caudalie on my vacation, without even trying it, I brought it right up to the register. Lucky for me, it turned out great. I actually now look forward to putting a fragrance on in the morning. There is something very sultry and romantic about the scent and knowing that I’m not spritzing harmful ingredients into the air makes me enjoy it all the more. Caudalie has a whole lineup of fragrances so you can choose what speaks most to you. C’est magnifique!

  • Earth Tu Face Rosemary + Salt Lotion

    I've been trying out a few Earth Tu Face products since I had such success with their Skin Stick. My new obsession? Their Rosemary + Salt Lotion. I will say there is a bit of a strong mint smell to it even though it's not in the title. I can see this going really nicely by your kitchen sink as it has a very clean finish. I've personally been keeping it on my desk and I've noticed a significant difference since I started using it. My hands stay softer throughout the day and unlike most lotions this doesn't have that slimy residue after application. You're skin just drinks it up. Plus the bottle is so pleasing to the eye it's a great addition to any room in your home/office!

  • P.S. - You're Invited

    DIY is very popular these days and why shouldn't it be? It's so fun to start a creative project and see it through. For many of us though, our DIY's look more like something we made in kindergarten class rather than an item we'd actually like to look at or use.  Erica Domesek, creator of P.S. I made this wants us to let us know it can be easier than we think!! Her new book P.S.-You're Invited . . .: 40+DIY Projects for All of Your Fashion, Home Décor & Entertaining Needs is filled with so many enticing ideas all broken down in a simple, fun and applicable way. Erica covers everything from necklaces to peplum shirts to a moroccan tiled mirror! She also provides online videos you can check out for some of the more complicated tasks. Move over Martha Stewart!


  • I AM Fragrance

    I AM Fragrance creator, Danica Siegel, created her line to help women recognize all they had to offer the world. She noticed that most of the beauty products she saw were telling women to strive to be like someone else. Each I AM Fragrance is instead dedicated to awakening those parts of you that you want to experience more of. Her suggested use is to apply your perfume while saying the mantra on the bottle aloud. (i.e. I AM Love). "I AM" is the most powerful statement we can say about ourselves, it is our connection to the Divine, so we want to be sure we're staying conscious of what we allow to follow those words. I AM Fragrance is a nice everyday reminder of that.

    Danica also doesn't use any of those icky chemicals you'll find in many department store brands. Instead she uses organic oils and flower essences of the highest quality to help evoke whatever fabulous parts of you you'd like to shine forth a bit more. All sizes are TSA approved and the bottles are beautifully designed so you'll want to bring them everywhere.


  • Earth Tu Face

    This California based company intrigued me at first glance because of their adorable reusable packaging. But when I looked further, I realized the creators Sarah Buscho & Marina Storm were two herbalists who's philosophy was you should never put anything on your face that you wouldn't put in your mouth. Their entire line of products are made up of 100% plant-based, non GMO food based ingredients.

    I decided to give it a whirl and ordered their Skin Stick. I had burned my arm quite badly while making fried chicken (as you do) a few months ago and though I had found a product that helped it heal, the scars were at a total standstill and didn't seem to have any intention of leaving anytime soon. Earth Tu Face's Skin Stick claimed to help with scarring so I decided to give it a try. After 2 weeks of the easiest application (it's built like a push pop!) my scars have almost disappeared. 

    There are a lot of "natural" skincare products out there, it can be hard to know what works and what doesn't. It's nice to see one with such immediate results. Now I can't wait to try the rest of the line!


  • Hit The Snooze Button. How To Look Like You Have Your S%&* Together In Less Than A Minute.

    Sometimes we just want to sleep in. Either we had a rough night out, a busy week or are just plain tired for no needed reason! You can feel a bit more confident hitting the snooze button with these 4 easy steps to get your makeup hair looking great in less than a minute. 

    Step 1 - The Face: We want fresh looking, seemingly well-rested skin. My go-to is this Tint Skin Complexion Coverage from Beauty Counter. You can rub it in easily with your fingers and it's free of all the harmful chemicals you find in most makeup.*

    Step 2 - The Eyes: Our eyes must pop otherwise what's the point of wearing makeup at all? The mascara from Ilia Beauty is the only mascara I'll use without eyeliner. The perfectly curved wand not only curls your lashes, it also seperates and lengthens them without clumping. As an added bonus it's naturally preserved and free of phenoxyethanol.

    Step 3 - The Lips: Making your lips look plump & nourished will help make you look more vibrant and awake. Very similar to Chanel's chubby sticks but far better for your health are Ilia's lip crayons. They also make your lips feel great. The color featured here is "Call Me".

    Step 4 - The Hair: As someone with pin-straight hair, not washing it every day is a challenge. I've tried many a dry shampoo but most will only last me a few hours. The only one that's kept the grease at bay (so far up to 3 days!!) is DryBar's Detox. It also smells great so get ready to have people compliment you all day. You can't fully see it in the photo above but before I sprayed it in my hair my bangs looked like wet spaghetti! (not the cutest look:))

    Now you have some extra time to grab that much needed latte:)

    *Be sure to wear sunscreen under your makeup. Just because you're sleepy doesn't mean the sun won't be out to greet you!:)

  • Whatever Lola Wants

    I've officially retired any nail polish that isn't 5-free or fully organic. With so many great colors and brands out there finding beautiful & healthy polish is easier than ever. My new favorite is this white-light pink shimmering 5-free polish from Deborah Lippmann, co-created with Kelly Ripa, called "Whatever Lola Wants" after her daughter Lola. It's light enough for everyday use with enough hint of color that your nails still pop.

    Get it here: Whatever Lola Wants

  • Make Your Eyes Pop with Ilia Mascara

    Seeing (no pun intended) it’s many a gal’s favorite makeup accessory, you want to be sure your mascara is treating you right. Ilia Beauty’s formula is naturally preserved & phenoxyethanol free and has a perfectly curled brush that not only curls your lashes but separates them for you while adding length. Though their black shade, Nighfall, is wonderful, don’t be afraid to try something different and go with the dark brown “Shadow Of A Doubt”. Now go find someone to bat those lashes at.;)

  • Drum Roll Please...The One Natural Deodorant That Works!!!!

    I really want the healthy deoderants to work. I really, really do. So much so that I've tried far more than the people around me probably cared for me too, which is why today I'm VERY excited. Ladies & gents, it exists! The one natural deoderant that will put all other deoderants to shame...

    This made it through Soul Cycle leaving me still smelling clean and fresh. Not even my husband's Dove for Men deoderant could get me through that. It's also lasted an easy 24 hours without wearing off. As an added bonus it smells great (plus rose has been linked to attraction) and is an easy portable size to travel with or just to stash in your bag for everyday use!

    Celebrate with me!: WELEDA Deodorant Wild Rose 1.02 OZ


  • About Face

    I've always been a believer of less is more on my face. Call me paranoid, but I won't even use a product with "anti-aging" chemicals in it because I swear it'll just make me age faster and become dependent on it. It just seemed to make sense that no chemical should ever go on my face. In my early 20s I took it so far as to just splash my face with water before bed (okay some of those may have been when I was coming home as the sun was coming up & I just wanted to go to sleep:)) Now, however, I can thankfully say I've locked in my face care regimen and not only is it simple, it leaves my skin looking balanced & glowing like never before.

    To remove eye makeup: Olive oil or coconut oill. Yes, this is all you need. Head into your kitchen, make yourself a little jar to use in the bathroom & you're all set. If you prefer using makeup removal pads for their simplicity, try these -BOOTS Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal Pads - they use coconut oil as a main ingredient.

    To wash your face: This little Kiss My Face bar will become your best friend. It's ingredients are so simple. Olive oil, salt & water. It perfectly cleanses your face with nothing harmful or fussy. After you use it for a bit you'll notice a better quality to your skin as well. For travel you can cut the bar into a "mini bar" & wrap in parchment paper to take with you.

    To moisturize: Check out the moisturizers & sunscreens from Beauty Counter. I do a very hydrating moisturizer at night & sunscreen for the day. Also, every other day I put the Aura Cacia Sesame Oil on my face before my shower. (Read about this ritual here.)

    A healthy diet will also keep your skin glowing from the inside out. Be sure to eat lots of veggies & drink plenty of water. It's said time & time again but only because it's true;)