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  • How to create a Spa Day at home

    I'm obsessed with self-care. It's one of the things we're all too often quick to forget and I know for myself that when I forget about it I certainly feel it. Just think about napping. Doesn't the very thought of it make you feel like you're "lazy" or "slacking off"? However, when you break it down napping is actually a great way to recharge your batteries. In fact many successful people insist on taking a 20 minute nap during their day or at least some time out for a meditation. Another self-care tactic we see as a luxury and not as a necessity are baths. Some of us probably haven't even taken one since we were a kid. A 20 min bath can help recharge you, give you clarity and relax that tired hamster brain of yours. Don't have a bathtub? Why not pamper yourself a little, whether by going to a spa or salon or just giving yourself an "at-home" spa day. Here are some things that I like to incorporate into my life at least once a week. Some you can do everyday or maybe you choose to do them all at once. Whatever your time line is try and find the time to take an hour or so out for you this week and give it a go.
    I've recently fallen in love with Caudalie products. My nose was breaking out a bunch recently and nothing seemed to help. After using this as a mask and then as a spot treatment, after two days I could see my blackheads disappearing.Caudalie Purifying Mask

    It's not a spa day if things don't smell amazing, is it? This aromatherapy diffuser is a gentle way to add aromatherapy to a room. Find a scent that relaxes and is pleasing to you and feel your room transform. I think every one is quick to pick up lavender, and lavender is great, but not all are created equal. Be sure to choose one that smells great to you or even try something different like peppermint for clarity or orange to enliven you! ZAQ Dew Multi Color Litemist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser - 80 ML Capacity, White

    If you're going to take a bath why not make it extra special! These Ahava dead sea salts help make the skin soft, slough off any icky energy (getting a little woo-woo on you here but just go with it;)) and transform your bath into a spa-like experience. They come in several scents including eculyptus and lavender if you want to add a little something-something. AHAVA Dead Sea Salt Mineral Bath Salt, Muscle Soothing Eucalyptus, 32 oz.

    I LOVE tea. I have at least one a day and I find it to be the quick fix for instant relaxation. When embarking on your spa day you'll most certainly need a beverage(s). 
    If you're really feeling decadent, pour yourself a glass of wine or bubbles. Sarah Tracey, of thelushlifeny.com has some incredible picks if you're not sure where to start. Tea of course is an essential and though I've tried many brands, I always go back to Choice. It's high quality, not over priced and always a win. You can also add some fresh fruit to sparkling water if you want something different. Choice Organic Peppermint Herb Tea, 16 Count Box

    Once the 30 min are done on this mask you'll see your face looking totally different. It's almost comical how lifted it looks while it's still on but once you take it off your skin will feel renewed, refreshed and look much more even toned. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

    I definitely recommend using an oil before or after the shower/bath. This one from Tata is great to use after as it soaks in immediately. Apply to damp skin for an easier application. Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

    If you're looking for something a little (a lot actually) less expensive than Tata, check out the oils from Aura Cacia. This sesame one I'll put on pre-shower since it is definitely very oily but once it rinses off it'll leave your body feeling super soft. Aura Cacia Organic Skin Care Oil, Protecting Sesame, 4 Fluid Ounce

    Body brushing is great for your circulation and just feels really nice. Try and do it several times a week before you shower. It's great to body brush then add an oil to soften your skin. TopNotch Body Brush, Dry Skin Brushing, Long Handle, Detachable Head, Luxury Natural Bristles

    At a spa day you don't want to neglect your feet! Keep them nice and soft by rubbing them with a Pumice Stones and following up with a foot cream. This one from Caudalie absorbs right into your skin and leaves you subtly soft! - Caudalie Foot Beauty Cream

     Whatever your ritual, be sure to take time out to give yourself some extra love. Creating a self-care routine that is pleasing to you will help transform your mood, productivity and overall well-being.

    What do you do to show you that you care?