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  • My Fav Healthier Beauty Buys Right Now

    There is a lot of "better for you" beauty out there now which is a wonderful thing but it can be hard to decipher which products are worth using and what ones just don't hold up to their promise. Here are a few of my favorite products right now. Though they all may not be fully natural they all are free of many harmful ingredients and hold themselves up to higher standards then your everyday beauty products

    1. Sisely Paris Mascara: Thankfully Europe has higher standards for their beauty products so if you're looking for something effective yet less harmful it's wise to turn to products made there. I've been loving this Sisely Mascara that curls and lenthens your lashes and uses plant-based ingredients to achieve maximal results.

    2. Laura Mercier Silk Creme: Foundation. This is perhaps the trickiest healthy beauty buy. I've tried many a better-for-you brand but many just left me looking orangey or even worse - like I was wearing a ton of makeup. I'm always looking for something that's going to look camera ready but is also good for my skin and doesn't make me look like I have caked on makeup. I had recently fallen in love with Laura's tinted moisturizer so thought I'd give this photo-ready option a try. It feels so silky smooth on your skin, blends in perfectly and looks natural yet fierce. I go with the oil-free since my skin can get a bit oily plus it helps keep you dewey without being shiny. Laura's makeup is very allergy friendly so perfect for those with tempermental skin.

    3,4 & 5. Beauty Counter Lip Sheer, Eye Duo and Concealer: Beauty Counter is committed to changing the Beauty standards in the U.S. and has been making a lot of headway. Any product you can buy from them is a step in the right direction. In fact, I also use the bronzer and blush duo as well. Though their Tint Skin didn't do it for me (see: orangey) I do know people who love it and swear by it for every day use. I have the lip sheer in several colors but my favorite for everyday is the Twig. The eye duo contains 2 complimentary shades (all over and crease) making this friendly for even a novice makeup wearer. I recommend picking up their brush set as well as it's one of the best I've ever used. The concealer is easy to use and blends in flawlessly.

    6 & 7. Bobbi Brown eye liner & eye shadow: It's no secret that Bobbi Brown is one of the best in the business. Though Beauty Counter also makes great eyeliner, Bobbi's Long-Wear Eyeliner just has such a deep and rich color that lasts and looks so fierce you wonder why you'd use anything else (her gel-liner is also wonderful) I use her grey eye shadow in the outer corner of my eye, in combination with the Beauty Counter duo mentioned above, to create an every day smokey look. Having spent time with Bobbi, I know her commitment to finding the best ingredients for her products is high and that her goal is to always have the most nourishing yet effective line out there. 

    8. Ilia Beauty Lip Gloss: Sasha Plavsic, creator of Ilia, was one of the first out there creating beauty products free of harmful ingredients. There are many things I love about her line (especially the mascara and lip crayons) but my absolute favorite is her lip gloss in Peek A Boo. The curved applicator is so soft and perfectly angled to sweep across your lips flawlessly. The Peek A Boo color is so neutral that it is the perfect comliment to almost any lip color and does wonders when paired with a smokey eye.

    My list of products is always changing often playing with new and old favorites together. It was several months of play to find this combination so I did a lot of trial and error so you don't have to. I'll of course keep you updated with new products I find and love and please feel free to share with me some of the ones you can't live without in the comments below!

    xo Stay Fancy