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  • Homemade Energy Healing Body Scrub

    I can be super sensitive to the energy around me and recently I was having one of those weeks where no matter what I did it just seemed like this energy that wasn't quite mine was latching on. I remembered some advice a healer had once given me about using salt as an effective way to slough off energy that was less than desirable. The lightbulb went off in my head and I rushed home to make my own special "energy healing" beauty scrub. The added bonus here is that it's also an exfoliant so your body is left feeling impossibly smooth and cared for. I had so much fun making this and believe it or not, felt a million times better after using it!! Here's what I created but feel free to play around with some ingredients that feel nice to you. The main ingredient of importance here is the salt which gives you the energy heal plus exfoliation:

    • 1/4 cup Himalayan sea salt
    • 1/4 cup melted coconut oil
    • 1tsp raw honey
    • 1 tpsn tocotrienols (vitamin E powder)

    Once I mixed this all together I said a little prayer while having my hand over it asking for Divine Goddess energy to be infused into it. You can say any little blessing you like even just saying "I infuse this scrub with Divine Light & Love." Or you can skip over that and just go ahead and use it!


  • Caudalie Fragrances

    "Find 'your' perfume before you turn thirty. Wear it for the next thirty years." - quote from How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are

    I’m not one for perfumes, never have been, but there’s just something about Paris that just makes you want to find "your" signature scent (or at least to me!). I’ve recently fallen in love with Caudalie’s moisturizers since they’re not only extremely effective but also are full of nourishing ingredients and free of all the harmful ones like parabens and sodium laureth sulfate. So when I stumbled upon this Rose De Vigne fragrance by Caudalie on my vacation, without even trying it, I brought it right up to the register. Lucky for me, it turned out great. I actually now look forward to putting a fragrance on in the morning. There is something very sultry and romantic about the scent and knowing that I’m not spritzing harmful ingredients into the air makes me enjoy it all the more. Caudalie has a whole lineup of fragrances so you can choose what speaks most to you. C’est magnifique!