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  • Gwyneth Paltrow for Juice Beauty

    I love it when I find a great non-toxic beauty product. Sadly, I generally have to kiss a few frogs in dull lip gloss before I find the winners. The one issue that always comes up with non-toxic makeup is that it isn’t very camera friendly. As someone who wants to be able to do a video at a moments notice, I’ve been searching for camera worthy makeup that I can wear day-to-day and still feel good about. Thankfully Gwyneth Paltrow was a bit fed-up with the non-toxic offerings as well and decided to collaborate with Juice Beauty to make a line that is “red carpet worthy”. The second I heard about it I opened my computer and immediately placed an order. I started simple with a mascara and lip gloss (a bright red named after Cameron Diaz!). Though I wanted to jump in and snag a foundation, I’ve had my heart broken too many times by the non-toxic variety I figured it was best to work up to it:)

    The verdict: Ahhmazing. The mascara lengthens and separates beautifully with no clumping. The lip gloss glides on perfectly and looks so fierce. Especially for a red, the fact that I could glide it on with minimal fixing is pretty wonderful. I have to say I’m a little obsessed.

    Will I order more: Absolutely! Now that I know what these 2 can do I’m going to jump in and try the foundation. Keep you guys posted.

    Is it worth the price: 100%. It’s very much in line with what the non-toxic brands are going for as well as the good quality makeup we’ve all been using for years. Seeing as you get both in one I’d say this is one of the rare times I understand the price point.

    Buy from Goop or Juice Beauty

  • Best Organic Good-For-You Foundation

    Finding the perfect foundation can be tough but finding a great all-natural foundation is damn near impossible. Most are too runny, too orangey or too sheer, leaving you running back to your Laura Mercier and Makeup Forever. So I'm extremely happy to report that I've finally found it! An organic good-for-you foundation with great coverage, no weird tones and not at all cakey. 

    To apply, use the W3ll People Narcissist Foundation Stick to draw a few lines from your nose out to the edge of your face and blend in with your finger tips. I like to do two coats. The first round is very sheer but the second is perfect coverage and you can do it very quickly. The one thing I noticed about this product is it will look one way when you first put it on and then about 10 min later when you happen to glance in a mirror you'll see the coverage looks even better and your skin looks flawless. My favorite party? It's also camera friendly so go ahead and take as many selfies as you want! #naturalbeauty xo

  • Hit The Snooze Button. How To Look Like You Have Your S%&* Together In Less Than A Minute.

    Sometimes we just want to sleep in. Either we had a rough night out, a busy week or are just plain tired for no needed reason! You can feel a bit more confident hitting the snooze button with these 4 easy steps to get your makeup hair looking great in less than a minute. 

    Step 1 - The Face: We want fresh looking, seemingly well-rested skin. My go-to is this Tint Skin Complexion Coverage from Beauty Counter. You can rub it in easily with your fingers and it's free of all the harmful chemicals you find in most makeup.*

    Step 2 - The Eyes: Our eyes must pop otherwise what's the point of wearing makeup at all? The mascara from Ilia Beauty is the only mascara I'll use without eyeliner. The perfectly curved wand not only curls your lashes, it also seperates and lengthens them without clumping. As an added bonus it's naturally preserved and free of phenoxyethanol.

    Step 3 - The Lips: Making your lips look plump & nourished will help make you look more vibrant and awake. Very similar to Chanel's chubby sticks but far better for your health are Ilia's lip crayons. They also make your lips feel great. The color featured here is "Call Me".

    Step 4 - The Hair: As someone with pin-straight hair, not washing it every day is a challenge. I've tried many a dry shampoo but most will only last me a few hours. The only one that's kept the grease at bay (so far up to 3 days!!) is DryBar's Detox. It also smells great so get ready to have people compliment you all day. You can't fully see it in the photo above but before I sprayed it in my hair my bangs looked like wet spaghetti! (not the cutest look:))

    Now you have some extra time to grab that much needed latte:)

    *Be sure to wear sunscreen under your makeup. Just because you're sleepy doesn't mean the sun won't be out to greet you!:)