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  • How To Date & Find Love - Interview with Dating Expert Laurel House


    I'm a big fan of the short online videos but the information in this interview was too good to cut out. In case you don't have time to watch the whole thing (though I recommend it for optimal dating magnetism) here's a cheat sheet to get you to where you want to go:

    Why it's important for the man to pay & other gender roles (1:30)
    Sex on the first date? (2:35)
    Consistent errors women make in dating (4:35)
    Who are you? And why that matters. (6:25)
    Wants vs. needs: The key to finding your guy. (6:58)
    The secrets to flirting (9:20)
    Online dating (13:16)
    Laurel's dating catastrophe (19:48)
    How to learn more & be unstoppable in the dating world, that is, until you find your true love (22:35)

    Laurel House is an international Dating Coach, Flirting and Sex Expert & author of the new book "Screwing the Rules: The No-Games Guide to Love."