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  • Boston

    I don't know how I made it growing up on the East Coast without several visits to this heart warming city. As a Mets fan I've always loved Bostonites too, we always got along through our shared hatred of the Yankees (Go Red Sox!). I recently took a trip there and though it was certainly chilly I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. I'd walk through the Boston Commons in the morning with my delicious coffee, enjoying the fall leaves and wondering "Why on earth have we not come here more?!". And because when I travel I'm very picky about keeping my conscious yet decadent lifestyle in tact in my 3 days there I found a few places you'll want to scope out if you find yourself in this wonderful town.

    1. Thinking cup. I think bad coffee is a waste of time so one of the first things I do when I travel is find the nearest and best coffee shop possible. Thinking cup has several locations around Boston, serves Stumptown and has a food menu equipped with gluten free grilled cheese. Need I say more?

    2. Myers & Chang.  A mixture of Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai and Vietnamese food, each dish here is better than the last. They have a gluten free menu and also cater to nut allergies (ugh, peanuts!). Don't miss out on the miso glazed carrots or the Nasi Goreng.

    3. Pastoral. Holy Moly. Best. GF. Pasta. Ever. So tender and soft and delicious and perfectly seasoned and meaty, oh and the environment and the service! Oh my I could go on and on!!! We ordered the GF pasta bolognese and the GF margarita pizza but I imagine anything on this menu would be a win. Not to mention among a stellar dessert menu is the GLUTEN FREE chocolate pizza. Wow. The brussel sprouts were good too.

    Where are your favorite places to go?