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  • Best Workouts In Los Angeles

    Working out is important but it can often feel like a chore. Here are some of my favorite fun yet effective workouts in Los Angeles because if you're going to workout - you better see results!

    1. Barrys Bootcamp:

    What it is: combination of 30 min sprinting on a treadmill with 30 min of strength training divided up however the trainer is feeling that day. A full hour of strength training is also always an option. Each day of the week is a new body part (hello Thursday abs!) with the weekend dedicated to Full Body

    Atmosphere: A very in shape nightclub. Lights are low, music is loud, fast and filled with remixes of your favorite songs. 

    Best Trainers: Astrid, Chris Tye Walker & Allie Cohen. They all work you hard while paying attention to any injuries and making sure the class is fun (even if they're yelling at you to go faster).

    2. Studio MDR

    What it is: Pilates class on a reformer. Sorry, a VERY HARD pilates class on a reformer. This class is designed to build long and lean muscle.

    Why this class: I've never taken a class this hard. Because it relies so much on your core and using your own body weight to build muscle you'll find yourself shaking and wanting to sit down more often than not. As unpleasant as that sounds you at least know it's a good thing for getting the body you want!

    3. Soul Cycle Beverly Hills

    Why: If you've been to a Soul Cycle you know that it's a fun and intense way to burn a maximum amount of calories but more importantly, the class is only 45min.

    Best Instructor: I've been to many Soul Cycles around America and the best instructor is Jenny C at the Beverly Hills studio. Although I love SC I've had many chiropractors tell me it's not so nice for your posture. All that jumping up and down and clapping may make the class interesting but it's doing a number on your spine. Jenny's class has enough of the tap backs and side to sides we all love in SC but she does it in a way that is natural with the beat and doesn't hurt your back. The playlist is always fun, she's always chipper and singing along (in a beautiful voice) and making sure you're inspired to pedal faster!

    4. Physique 57

    What it is: A barre workout that ups your heart rate and tones your body.

    Why this one: I've been to many barre classes but this is the first that had me really break a sweat all while targeting muscles I didn't know were there.

    5. Body By Simone

    What class: Trampoline class is where it's at. Jumping on a trampoline is great for your lymphatic system and is a wonderful cardio if your someone who generally gets injured from running or spinning.

    What it is: A full body workout that incorporates jumping, dancing and running on a trampoline as cardio and toning. It's very challenging but also a lot of fun.

    Other +'s: The beautiful studio offers showers so if you go on a Sunday you can rinse off and do your makeup in time to meet up with your friends for brunch in Weho. Priorities.

    Where are your favorite places to workout?